The Insurance Deductible Solution

Your clients aren't used to paying a roofing deductible. You want to stay legally compliant. FMD uses an automated, financing free app to keep you compliant and make payments affordable for clients.

Simple, Secure, and Compliant

For $49.99 a month, Fund My Deductible™ lets you fund projects for all your customers and provides secure payment processing.

More Opportunities to Say Yes

Regulatory change can be hard for returning customer to understand. So, rather than saying, "No," to the next customer who can't afford a deductible up front, say "Yes," to FMD. Since we fund, instead of finance, there's no barrier to any of your clients!

  • Easy-to-Use

    Funding, not financing, means no financing fees, no endless application to qualify, and no credit check.

  • Grow Your Business

    The ease of our funding system, including complete payment flexibility, will help you win more jobs!

  • Mobile Friendly Legal Compliance

    Our mobile friendly, easy for customers to use app will keep you legally compliant for only $49.99/month.

How to Use FMD

When we created FMD, we wanted more than an easy way to stay legally compliant. We wanted a simple sign up process!

  • Register as a Contractor

    Once your company successfully registers, you can immediately begin funding deductibles. Take the plunge and register today!

  • Sign Up Customers

    Sign up your homeowner/policy holder and agree on a reasonable, affordable, and secure payment plan for their deductible.

  • Receive and Track Income

    When your homeowner funds their deductible through FMD, you receive their monthly payments. Track this income through the Contractor Portal.

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