Fund My Deductible

Fund My Deductible™ is a simple app that solves a complicated problem. We automate the deductible collection and compliance in a way that is simple, smart, and safe. Contractors: don't wait. Get started today.

Why FMD?

Bullet PointOnly $49.99/month Subscription
Bullet PointMobile Friendly
Bullet PointUltimate Payment Flexibility
Bullet PointSell More Jobs
Bullet PointStay Legal
Bullet PointZero Financing Fees. That's right, ZERO!
Bullet PointNo Qualifying
Bullet PointNo Credit Check

How it Works

Register as a Contractor

Once your company has successfully registered, you can immediately begin funding deductibles.

You can register here today!

Sign Up Your Homeowners

Once you're a FMD Contractor, you can sign up your homeowner/policy holder at the point of sale on a reasonable, affordable, and secure payment plan for their deductible.

Receive and Track Income

When your homeowner chooses to fund their deductible through FMD, you'll receive their monthly payments. You can track this income directly through the FMD Contractor Portal.


Check out our Intro to FMD Video!

This video shows how Fund My Deductible™ is making the insurance deductible process an asset to contractors, not a liability. It explains how our innovative app provides a stress-free way for policy holders to pay their deductibles and for contractors to get paid.

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States with Deductible Laws

Waiving insurance deductibles is illegal in all states. Contractors and home owners are both liable for offering or accepting that free roof. Fund My Deductible™ is a simple, low cost solution for both parties. 


States w/ deductible laws


Compliance w/ FMD


Average fines

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